Theese are the new rules.

Creating Acounts Edit

Agree to theese and Wikia's rules.

Be over 13 years old.

Do not contribute nonsense.

Content Rules Edit

Content must be suitable for anyone, to keep the anonymous younger users safe.

No swearing.

No adult content.

No adult images.

User Pages Edit

E-mail: Optional, but if you want to guarantee that you are safe, I reccomend not leaving this on your user page.

Age: Optional, but some might want to keep this content away.

Full Name: I advise that this on your page might get you in very much danger.

First name: Optional, your choice.

Gender: Optional, your gender isn't personal info.

Phone Number: I want to keep users safe, so please don't put your Phone Number on your page.

Hobbies: Obviously optional.

Why Are the Rules so Concerned? Edit

  • To keep all users safe in all ways.
  • To prevent anyone from knowing very personal info.

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