Known as Tamilo Kimoni, or Kimoni-san in the anime. Unlike most of the characters, she has a nickname: , it is wierd, considering Sky Blue refers to the sky. Her attack is called Eagle Sunberry Cry her best hobby is Going to Cream-on-Ice, and her favourite colour is Shiny Pink, however since her eyes are a everyone thinks Sky Blue is a suitable nickname. She also likes to eat Sunberries, a rare kind of berry found in Solar Village which are known to turn evil into good and keep light and dark balanced, also she is a really good ballet dancer.

Facts Edit

Tamilo is 13 years old and hates mud, unlike most kids she has no crush and no love. She thinks being alone is better, however, in season 3 she had a crush on a guy named Oki-kun

she also believes in herself in that season, remeber to read everything on this page then go to it's discussion. Inotashi is her best friend.

Fun Facts Edit

She hates music but loves a pop-band called Girl-World-Music!

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