Inotashi: Which school are we sorted into?

Senitao: Well, there's Uni High, Milo High, or Minoti High. I want us to be in Uni High, they provide a public education for teens.

Kimoni: Well, Milo High is a school of poetry. That's where I wanna get!

Inotashi: For me, anywhere as long as it's not Minoti High!

Unia: I am your teacher. Please follow me!

At Minoti High

Inotashi: Huh? This place?

Unia: Inotashi-san, you and your friends will be staying here.

Senitao: Mom, you work here?!

Unia: I did tell you I worked at your favourite high school!

Kimoni: Lets just say its a dump.

Unia: Look at the bright side, you get a room with a view!

Later In The Park

Inotashi: I guess I'm never gonna get a good high school.

Ryou Jumps from behind a bush onto the tree.

Ryou: Look infront of you!

Inotashi: What is that?!

Ryou: That is a Vitono-Beast! Just take this!

Inotashi: What a cute pendant! I'm going to wear it at school, and at the mall, and...... everywhere!

Ryou: That pendant is special!

Inotashi: Pheonix Transformation Inotashi!

Inotashi Transforms

Inotashi: Pheonix Bell! Take this you overgrown monkey! Pheonix Blueberry Drops!

The Vitoni-Beast turns into a monkey and Inotashi Transforms back.

Inotahi: What's with all this nonsense! You tell tell me what's going on right now!

Ryou: You're a member of the Winged Women and are destine to fight Vitoni-Beasts.

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