Hi, I'm Lily, and I'm here to make virtual food for you and me and all your friends to share, let's get started!

Lily's Little Recipe!

It's so nice to see you come over for some tasty treats! Ha ha! Let's go make cookies first! We'll have a lot of fun!

Lily's Cookies

First, you'll need ingredients! Ha ha!

  • Flour - 7 grams
  • 3 Eggs
  • Sugar - 9 grams
  • Milk - Half a cup
  • Coco Powder - One Cup
  • Chocolate Chips - At Least 200!
  • Mint Sprinkles - 100 to 150
  • White Chocolate Chips - 100 to 150

Grab your spoon and get baking! Ha ha!

Now put it in the oven after making Heart-Shaped equal shares!

Mmmm...... It's ready! Come join me for cookies!

Mini Chocolate Muffins

Ingredients first!

  • Milk - two cups
  • Sugar - 12 grams
  • Flour - 9 grams
  • Chcolate Powder - two and a half cups
  • Chocalate Cream Filling - 6 grams
  • 3 Eggs

Now let's get baking!

Make equal shares, and put it in the oven!

Mmm, yum! Let's eat!

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